We create entertainment and monetize engagement

iMDS is the leading video advertising platform for online publishers. The only entertainment network in the US supported by three revenue streams: eCommerce, tCommerce and Advertising.

iMDS monetizes more than 200 million monthly users by utilizing proprietary tech and interactive sites to drive engagement, traffic, and conversion for its clients.

Our team is packed with experts in the field, dedicated to creative solutions that drive consumer engagement and skyrocket revenue.

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Value Added Services

Our suite of products and services have been fine-tuned through over a decade of serving the ISP and MVPD industry. We host and manage highly engaging, user centric portals that become the landing page and home for effective customer retention and monetization. These portals include engaging content, exclusive shopping opportunities, integration with your customer support services and value added products uniquely targeted to your users.

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Retail Media Exchange™

The Retail Media Exchange™ is the largest programmatic retail media platform in the US. Comprised of over 50,000 web sites, apps and CTV channels, the Retail Media Exchange™ has access to more shoppers than a campaign on Amazon or Facebook.

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